A build-to-suit can offer several advantages to a relocating tenant. It allows the tenant to achieve maximum space efficiency since the space is designed specifically for the tenant. New construction allows a developer to incorporate the most cost-effective energy systems in the project, reducing operating and occupancy costs. The building will be designed to project the company’s image. Lastly, a build-to-suit can provide for future expansion.

Outlook DevelopmentĀ has the resources, experience and expertise to create build-to-suit developments that meet each client’s unique requirements. Outlook is able to bring together all of the disciplines required to expedite successful development projects. Utilizing an integrated team of acquisition, design, construction, financial, legal and management professionals, Outlook offers a single point of contact that results in seamless, on-time and on-budget projects.

For more information about build to suit options contact Mike Michalski at 414.435.0260 x 12.